Why Choose Us?

Quality - We buy our products from fully licensed, USDA inspected facilities. Our products are graded by the USDA to ensure only the best quality is delivered to our customers. All of our menu items are 5 star restaurant quality, portion controlled cuts. This means no extra fat, boneor other wastes weighing in on your purchase. 

No Tenderizers or Preservatives - Many companies use additives in their meats to compensate for poor quality and tough meat. At Ohio Direct Distributors we never use tenderizers or inject preservatives into our products. After all, a top choice cut of steak shouldn't need tenderizers. 

Shop From Home - We can deliver your purchase right to your freezer. No need to travel store-to-store looking for the best deals. Just call us at 330.809.0109, or order directly from our site by clicking here

Price Guarantee - Meat prices at your local supermarket fluctuate week to week. Take advantage of our great prices and we give you the same great deal each time you make a purchase.

Convenience and Freshness - Individuallyvacuum-sealed cuts of meat means easy prepartion at dinnertime and saved space in your freezer. The vacuum-sealed cuts are a sure to stay fresh in your freezer for up to one year from the date of purchase. We Guarantee It!

Our Guarantee - Ohio Direct Distributors stand behind our and guarantee our packages 100% against freezer burn or loss of flavor for 12 full months from the date of purchase. We will promptly replace any unsatisfactory product with a new product of equal or greater value.

Delivery & Shipping

What is your coverage area? 
- Free Home Delivery & Shipping Service Available
- Shipping Only

When Will I Receive My Delivery?

After calling your route representative directly they should be able to give you a delivery date and time to deliver your order.  Please note, your route representatives may have other deliveries in your same area on the date of your delivery and it may take a little while longer. 

If you call the office to place your order, a route representative that does deliveries in your area will be notified immediately and they will contact you with a delivery day.  Please note, the delivery drivers are on route the day you call in your order and they may not be in your area that day. 

What if I Dont Know the Name of My Route Rep?

If Reordering:

While calling in an order you will be asked what your route representative's name is so you can receive the same quality experience as the time before.  If you do not know the name of your route representative it is o.k.  We will look your name up in our system to see who had delivered to you before and contact them to set-up a delivery.

If First Time Ordering:

You may have received a menu or a referral from a friend or family member and do not know who your route representative is, that is ok.  If there is no name or phone number listed on the bottom portion of the front of the menu other than the office number we will find a route representative that delivers in our area and give you their contact information.  If you were referred by a friend or a family member, we will request their name to see who does their deliveries and set you up with the same representative.

It Sounds Interesting, but I'm Just Not Sure

If you are interested in ordering from Ohio Direct Distributors but have never done it before and just aren't sure if you want to make a purchase it is o.k.  When there is a delivery driver in your area they can stop by and just show you what products we have to offer.  IT'S FREE TO LOOK! 
If you need time to think about purchasing or need to discuss with family members that is o.k.  Our route representative will be more than happy to leave a business card and/or our menu for you to look over and decide.

What About My Referral Box?

You will receive your referral box(s) when you reorder.  When placing your order your route representative will have on file that you qualify for Ohio Direct Distributor's referral bonus. 

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